Is that a combined review?????

by | Sep 30, 2021

We’re Back and helping you on your scotch journey.  This is the first review of a whisky performed at the bar in 3 months. These are unique times and S4D has responded by separation from the bar, modification of review timing and handling of LIVES remotely.  We have learned a lot.  

Things we liked:

1. ZOOM calls with Patreons for Thursday Pre-show and Post-show are much better than Discord calls.  We all enjoy seeing each other. Global discussions from Europe, US, Australia, and Asia all on the same call.

2. Expanded content with Blind Reviews. It forces you to dig deep when the reviews are blind. 

3. LIVE at different times of the day and different days, to see new people online.

Things we didn’t like:

1. Separation from the bar.  We started this group at the bar, we interact better at the bar, we enjoy the Rick and Morty after party.  

2. Cancellation of Busload of Dummies in Scotland. SMDH…too much to unpack here.

Based on these learning, we will continue to do the things we liked and stop doing the things we don’t like.  We will continue with the Zoom calls, we paid for the ZOOM subscription so we aren’t limited to what the free one offers.  Patreons can get the codes on Discord.  The expanded content won’t be as often as during COVID lockdown, but we do have some blind reviews coming up.  We will have some LIVES scattered around too, with respect for those whisky channels that have regularly scheduled content.

Let us know what you liked and disliked about the COVID content so we can improve the channel even more.

S4D Andrew